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Club Ice

Club Ice is reserved for our FFSC members. 


General Info

All club ice must be purchased through the FFSC Online Membership System.  There are currently three ways for members to purchase club ice, unlimited monthly packages, Pre-paid sessions, and same-day walk-ins. There are different prices for the three options with discounts available for the monthly unlimited package and buying multiple pre-paid sessions in one transaction.  Walk-in rates are available at a higher rate and provide access to skate if you haven’t signed up for a session.  The fees and procedures can be found in the club’s financial policy and we encourage you to read the policy prior to signing up for any club ice sessions.


Sessions are limited to 25 skaters, not including coaches. Please see our calendar for current ice time hours.


FFSC sessions and special events are open only to figure skaters who are members of FFSC or a USFSA member club. Members of other USFSA clubs are welcome but must sign a waiver (once per season) and buy ice time on the club's Online Membership System. Members of other USFSA clubs must create a guest account prior to purchasing club ice or skating as a walk-in.  Guest are also required to follow the club’s Financial Policy. 

Club Ice Pricing

Club Ice

Club Ice Rules:

Skate safely at all times!

  • A senior member or a parent must be present in the rink where they can observe the skating any time junior members are on the ice. This is a liability issue and there will be no exceptions.

  • Always look in the direction you are skating and watch for other skaters at all times.

  • Enter and leave the ice by skating around the ends- don't cut across.

  • Skaters practicing a program must wear a program belt and have the right-of-way of all other skaters.

  • Skaters in a lesson with their coach have the right-of-way over all skaters except those practicing a program

  • Leave the ice to talk or take a break- don't stand around on the ice.

  • Cell phones may not be used on the ice or in the hockey and music boxes, except for skater's music.

  • If you need to stop momentarily, skate to the boards.

  • Observe the club jumping and spinning zones.

  • Please check in with the ice monitor, if there is one, and turn in your music

  • There are no refunds on unused sessions. If you schedule a session please make every effort to keep this time as it would be unfair to other skaters who were unable to purchase ice

  • You can move to a different session if it has open slots.

  • Your membership must be current in order to buy sessions.

  • New members must apply for membership online, submit the signed membership packet, and have their membership processed by the membership chair before they can buy ice and skate.

Safety Meetings

All FFSC skaters must attend at least one safety meeting each season. Safety meetings are normally held in September. Coaches are expected to hold safety meetings with new students who join at other times of the year. Parents of junior members (17 years and under) must attend the safety meeting with their skater.

Parents, Friends and Spectators

Non-skaters who are not assisting with the session are not allowed in the hockey boxes or music box during club sessions. This is to avoid distractions during lessons and practice. An exception is made for family members who wish to shoot photos or video of their skaters. Please check in with the ice monitor before entering a hockey box.

Ice Monitor

We seriously need ice monitors for our club sessions, so the board is implementing a program of credit against ice fees. If you volunteer four hours within a month, you'll get $10 credit for four ice sessions, or $40. If you volunteer eight hours in a month, you'll get $80 credit. The maximum credit for a month is $80.


This credit applies to all volunteer hours for the club, except for Ice in the Pines, which the board will consider later on.


To get the credit, you must log onto your membership account on EntryEeze and record your hours on the volunteer tab, as per the screenshot. We will credit your account at the end of each month.

Here’s how to ice monitor:

  • List all the skaters on the session

  • Play music for the skaters and coaches

  • Afterward, log on to your membership account and enter your volunteer hours

  • Send the list of skaters to

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