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We would be very happy to have you as a member of Flagstaff Figure Skating Club! Figure Skating is a graceful and athletic Olympic sport with a proud 150-year history, and our members are passionate and committed to their sport, as well as friendly and welcoming to new members of all ages.​

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Membership Process

  1. To skate on club ice, the skater must be a member of FFSC or another USFSA club.

    • ​​Membership dues include membership in US Figure Skating (USFSA) and must be paid each year for the skating season, July through June.

    • Returning members must pay membership dues at the start of the skating season on July 1 before they can skate.

  2. In addition to annual membership, ice time must be bought through our online membership system the day prior to the session. We currently don't accept walk-ons. Members of other USFSA clubs are welcome on club ice but must complete a waiver and pay the walk-on rate before skating. See Club Ice for current rates.

  3. Most members take lessons from one of our club's professional coaches. Coaching fees are paid directly to the skater's coach.

  4. Learn to Skate USA is a separate, national program of USFSA. LTS members are not FFSC members and cannot skate on club ice. But we invite LTS USA members to join FFSC at any time!

2023 Current Rates


Junior and Adult Memberships

​Junior members are those who are under 18 as of September 1st, and must be represented in the club by a parent or guardian. Adult members are those 18 and over. All FFSC members are also members of US Figure Skating and have the right to participate in all club activities, vote at general meetings (except for Associate Members), enjoy a subscription to Skating magazine (except Associate and Additional Family Members), have access to the members-only section of the website, and may test and compete at US Figure Skating sanctioned events.

Before skating, all skaters must:

  • Be a current member of FFSC, and have attended one safety meeting (see below) within the last year, or​

  • ​All skaters using club ice (except FFSC and guest coaches) must pay for their ice time- NO EXCEPTIONS

  • Check in with the Ice Monitor and turn in their music (if any)​

  • ​​Be a member of another USFSA club, sign a waiver, and pay the walk-on ice fee. Waivers are available from the Ice Monitor

Safety Meetings:


All FFSC skaters must attend at least one safety meeting each season. Safety meetings are normally held in September. Coaches are expected to hold safety meetings with new students who join at other times of the year. Parents of junior members 15 years and under must attend the safety meeting with their skater.


Our online Membership System is powered by EntryEeze. All new and renewing members will create their own membership account on the system.

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