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Skate With Us

Let us help you become the best figure skater you can be.

Learn to skate

The Flagstaff Figure Skating Club is a place where anyone can learn to skate! We offer lessons for all ages and abilities.


Our members-only club ice ensures that the ice rink is less crowded, allowing skaters to focus on their performance and goals.

Learn to skate

 Our members range from those just beginning their journey in the sport of figure skating, to those who competing for Gold. We have something for everyone. 

Private lessons

Our testing program is designed to help skaters reach the next level of their skating career.

Group lessons

Our experienced coaches provide private coaching and group classes that emphasize proper technique, safety, and most importantly, having fun!


 “I didn’t lose the gold, I won the silver.” — Michelle Kwan

Experience the power of figure skating. Join us and unleash your athleticism, grace, and artistic expression on the ice.

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