March Club Ice Available February 26

March club ice will be available to purchase starting February 26, via our Online Membership System.


How to Ice Monitor

First, a huge thank you to everyone who's already signed up!

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  • We'll email the list of skaters out to all the ice monitors the morning of our sessions. If you're monitoring that day, print the sheets you need, otherwise, ignore the email
  • After the session, email us a picture of the skater list(s) to
  • Log onto your account at EntryEeze to log your volunteers hours so we can credit you

February Club Ice Available January 27

February club ice will be available to purchase starting January 27, via our Online Membership System.


Up to $80 Credit per Month for Ice Monitor Volunteers

Entering volunteer hours

We seriously need ice monitors for our club sessions, so the board is implementing a program of credit against ice fees. If you volunteer four hours within a month, you'll get $10 credit for four ice sessions, or $40. If you volunteer eight hours in a month, you'll get $80 credit. The maximum credit for a month is $80. This credit applies to all volunteer hours for the club, except for Ice in the Pines, which the board will consider later on.

To get the credit, you must log onto your membership account on EntryEeze and record your hours on the volunteer tab, as per the screenshot. We will credit your account at the end of each month.

Here's how to ice monitor:

  • On the day of the session(s) you plan to monitor, contact us through the website contact form and we will email you the ice monitor sheet(s)
  • If you can't get the monitor sheets, just list all the skaters on plain paper
  • At the rink, check off the skaters on the ice monitor sheets. Anyone not on the ice monitor sheet has not paid and is not allowed to skate
  • Play music for the skaters and coaches
  • Afterward, log on to your membership account and enter your volunteer hours, as per the screenshot

Update COVID Restrictions at the Rink

Skaters do not have to wear masks while on the ice.


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