Skate Swap at Ice in the Pines

This year at Ice in the Pines as apart of our concessions table we will be allowing our skaters to sell their used skates, dresses, and gear. Same rules will apply as they do with our skate swap sales, 10% of the sale price will be donated to the club towards our scholarship program. If you have items to sell please reach out to Jessica Blank to obtain a sale tag and make sure to complete the tag with your contact information. All sale items need to be brought to the rink Friday night (August 16) between 3 pm - 8 pm.

If you have any questions please contact Jennifer.


Skate Swap Sunday, Aug 12, during Club Ice

Sellers - Bring your items to sell, marked with a price and the seller's name, so we can get you your $$$. Please remember 10% of the sale price is donated to FFSC. Buyers - Please bring cash or check to pay for your purchases.


Skate Swap June 10

We will be holding a skate swap on Sunday June 10 during our regular
club ice time. Please bring your used skating items that you wish to
sell. Tag all items with the price and your last name, remember that 10%
of the sale cost will be donated to the club's scholarship fund.

Also, we will have FFSC t-shirts and jackets available for sale.


Skate Swap Sunday Oct 11

Skate Swap- this Sunday 10/11 from 3:15-4:45!!!
What is it? A chance to sell your outgrown skates or other skate stuff to other club members.
How it works...
Sellers: Bring in your CLEARLY labeled items with your name and price for each item. Make sure you return before the end of the swap to collect money and any unsold items. Also, bring a check to donate 10% of the proceeds from items sold to the FFSC's scholarship fund.
Buyers: Please bring cash or check to pay for items- please note- we usually can't make change so be prepared for that.


Skate Swap

skating dress

Sunday February 8th from 2:00 to 4:45 pm during club ice and Learn to Skate at Jay Lively

Bring your used skates, costumes and skating related paraphernalia to Jay Lively to sell. Or come look for skating stuff you need to buy. Buy at reasonable prices and help the Scott Olson Memorial Scholarship Fund grow.

How it works:

Sellers: Bring your items clearly marked with your name and price and leave with Ann for the length of the sale. Pick up money and items left over no later than 4:45. 10% of what you goes to the scholarship fund.

Buyers: Please bring check or cash to buy items. You may buy items from a few different sellers. Do not expect us to be able to make change.



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