Club Jackets and Hoodies

Club Jackets are now available. The jacket has the club logo on the back and skater's name on the front, same as the last order except the purple in the logo is lighter in color, so the logo shows up better against the black jacket. Here's how it works:

Check Chloe Noel's size chart to get the correct size.

No Club Ice Friday May 3

The rink will be closed May 2, 3, and 4 for ice maintenance.


New Photos of Club Ice and Learn to Skate

Just posted, new photos of Club Ice and Learn to Skate classes.

Club Ice Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday, we have normal club ice, 2:15 to 4:45 pm.


Thursday Morning Ice through April

Flagstaff Winterfest Exhibition

Thursday morning ice (6 to 7 am) will continue through April. Please sign in so we know you were there!



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