Board Meeting Agenda, Sept 24, 2018, 5:30 pm at Jay Lively Ice Arena

Call to Order

Members Present / Determine Quorum

Approve the 7/23/18 & 8/27/18 Board Meeting Minutes

Treasurer’s Report
July Financial Statement
August Financial Statement
Accountant Update – we will reevaluate this month or next month
IP Update
Update on changing our fiscal year
Monthly update on dues
LTS fees & LTS instructor raises

Membership Report

Board Member Update

SafeSport Compliance – Julia was going to run a compliance report to make sure the required people are compliant.

D2L Training – Have all board members completed training?

Safety Meetings were held September 7th & September 23rd. Did all skaters attend?

Projector for the Club – Has Bruce found one?

Wildflower Fundraiser – This item was tabled in August, to be discussed in September.

Summer High Altitude On and Off Ice Training Camp – Has Mark Fitzgerald been contacted?

National Skating Month in January – Are we able to partner with FYHA? Discussion on how to promote it throughout the community.