Virtual Holiday Show

Here's the link to our Holiday Show on YouTube; Happy Holidays everyone!

Skate Order and Time Stamps of each skater:

Emmalee Ho 00:06
Jossalynn Scordel 01:50
Lexi Gembala 03:10
Scarlett Hargan 04:36
Carlee Peterson 06:06
Isa Craig-Morris 07:39
Stella Babbitt 08:44
Ava Sydow 10:11
Brielle Williams 11:21
Grace Arend 13:09
Raegan Arend 14:33
Tatum Bronson 16:09
Audrey Zerger 17:57
Morgan Coverdale 19:19
Katelyn Labunetz 20:56
Raegan Rucker 22:36
Savannah Rucker 24:34
Savannah Stanistreet 26:40
Nikki Rohrig 28:43
Tara Marzolf 30:38
Abbie Clayton 32:52
Beatrice Woelfel 35:26


Jessie as Elsa in Frozen

Thank you everyone who attended both performances of Frozen! Your support was awesome! And skaters- the audience was with you the whole time. They really appreciated your great skating and interpretation of the story! Thank you to the parents and volunteers who made it all work. More photos here. A video will be available soon.

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