FFSC Membership Application


How to Apply for Membership:

  • Download, fill out, and sign the appropriate forms in the Membership Packet
    • All members, including Board members, must sign the Code of Conduct Agreement
    • All skating members must sign the Waiver and the Safety Meeting Form
    • Parents of junior members (under 18) must fill out and sign the Parental Medical Release
    • The Safety Meeting form must be also be signed by your coach or a board member
  • Place these forms in the red Completed Membership Packets folder in the front of the file pocket below the FFSC payment dropbox in the staff office at the ice rink. The Membership Chair will retrieve your forms
  • Pay membership dues via PayPal, below (we do not accept checks or cash for membership dues)
  • Fill out the membership form below and press Submit
  • All the above must be done before the skater will be allowed to skate on club ice
  • You'll receive a welcome email from the Membership Chair when your membership has been processed

Thanks for skating with us!

Renewing Your Membership:

Unless your contact or insurance information has changed, or your membership has lapsed for more than a year, you don't need to fill out the online membership form or download and sign the printed forms. Just pay membership dues with PayPal. You'll receive a confirmation email from the Membership Chair when your renewal has been processed. And Welcome Back!


It's a complicated sport! Click here to email the Membership Chair. You'll get an answer as soon as possible.

Pay Membership Dues with Paypal:

We do not accept checks or cash for payment of membership dues.

Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Paypal Accepted
Name of skater (required)

USFSA membership number or previous club name, if applicable
Must indicate whether a citizen of the United States
Email is required because the club's primary communication with members is via email. If you choose not to provide your email, it is your responsibility to check the club website for ice changes, etc.
Required for emergency contact purposes
If any
Required for junior members (under 18)