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Skating is for All Ages

Contrary to the impression that figure skating is only a sport for children, adult figure skating is a fast-growing activity world wide. Adult skaters (defined by US Figure Skating as those 21 years or older) fall into two groups- those who skated as children and resumed the sport later as adults, and those who first started skating as adults. Both groups find figure skating a rewarding sport and their fellow adult skaters welcoming and supportive.

Come Skate With Us

We welcome adults of all ages and abilities. Some of our adult members skate recreationally while others test on both the regular and adult tracks as well as compete at non-qualifying and qualifying competitions. Adult skaters who are members of any USFSA club are welcome on our club freestyle sessions. Of course, we'd love to have you as an FFSC member. In addition, our ice rink, Jay Lively Ice Arena, offers open adult sessions for skaters 18 and over:

Day Start Time End Time
Tuesday 10:00 am 11:45 am
Thursday 10:00 am 11:45 am

Schedule is subject to change- please check the Jay Lively Ice Arena Calendar or call the rink at 928-774-1051.

Learning to Skate

We offer USFSA-approved Learn to Skate group classes with adult groups taught by adults. Once you progress beyond the basics, you may want to work directly with one of our club coaches, all of whom work with adults.


For those interested in testing, US Figure Skating has a separate adult test track in Moves in the Field, Free Skating, Pairs, Dance, and Syncronized Team skating. Those who have passed tests in the standard test track can get credit for the equivalent adult level.


Competitive adult skaters have quite a few choices. Our own Ice in the Pines open competition, held the last weekend of August, has adult events. Open competitions with adult events are also held in Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Albuquerque and across the country. Our USFSA section holds a qualifying competition, and the US Adult Figure Skating Championships and the World Adult Figure Skating Championships are held each year.

Adult Skating Websites

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