COVID-19 Update for Jay Lively Ice Arena

The City of Flagstaff has updated its Covid 19 policy to allow up to 50 participants per session. Starting Monday, April 5, up to 25 skaters will be allowed on our sessions, not including coaches. We will continue to use the contract ice system, so skaters must sign up for sessions by 6 pm the day before. There are no same-day walk-ons for now.

We also go back to using an ice monitor during our club ice sessions. If you are interested in volunteering please let a board member know.

Rink staff will now allow spectators. Only 1 spectator per skater up to the allowed maximum of 50 people total, including skaters, coaches, ad spectators/parents.

March Contract Ice

March ice will be available for purchase starting at 6 pm Saturday, February 27. Remember, you get a discount if you buy multiple sessions at once. The deadline for buying any given session will be 6 pm the night before.

See the sidebar for extra ice times in March. Please use this ice time so we can justify adding extra time in April!

February Ice Deadline Now 6 PM the Night Before

We have changed the deadline before reserving and paying for a club session to 6 PM the night before. This is to give us time to get the list of skaters to rink staff.


Group Lessons Not Available

Group lessons under the Learn to Skate USA program are not currently being held due to COVID-19 restrictions at our ice rink.

January Club Ice Contract Available

January club ice sessions will be available for online purchase via the FFSC Membership System ice contract tab. We are offering a discount if you buy multiple sessions at a time:

  • $1 off per session when you buy 10 or more sessions
  • $2 off per session when you buy 15 or more sessions
  • $3 off per session when you buy 20 or more sessions

The deadline for buying any given session is two hours before the session start so that we can email a list of skaters and coaches to rink staff. No walk-ons. In February, the deadline will be 6 PM the day before each session. Coaches, please let Bruce or Tresa know which sessions you need as soon as possible. Anyone not on the list will not be allowed in the building.


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