New COVID Restrictions at Jay Lively Ice Arena

From Jay Lively Rink Staff:

As you may or may not have heard, there were updated masking and capacity rules created and implemented for Jay Lively during last night’s City of Flagstaff Council meeting, effective immediately. Please pass this along to anyone in your group that may need this information:

Masks are required at all times for all participants and spectators while inside the facility and on the ice. This includes during figure skating club and hockey practice and games. The bubble style helmet is still an exception that can be used for hockey players and coaches.

The general capacity for the facility is now set for 50 individuals at a time. We will however allow up to 100 individuals (including skaters/players, coaches, spectators, and officials) in the facility at a time during hockey games and skating events to allow for spectators.

Anyone not following these rules will be asked to leave. If someone refuses to leave, we have been advised to contact the Police Department to have them escorted from the premises.

As the schedule is set right now (generally 15 minutes in between ice slots), this will obviously make it difficult for anyone to come inside the rink and get ready before their allotted ice time. We can attempt to revise the schedule through at least the end of January to create 30-minute gaps in between ice slots, if that is of interest to anyone. Please let me know ASAP.

Otherwise, we would highly recommend having your skaters, players and coaches be nearly fully dressed for their activity prior to entering the facility. Also, they should not expect to get inside until roughly 10 minutes before their ice time begins.

We as staff will be encouraging people to leave the facility as soon as their session is over to allow for the maximum time possible for the next group.

Off-Ice Training at Physio Shop Flagstaff

Physio Shop Flagstaff

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year skaters! The Physio Shop Flagstaff would like to share their New Year's promotion with the Flagstaff Figure Skating Club. The Physio Shop is an out-patient physical therapy clinic and personal training gym all in one space. For the upcoming year, we are offering a free month of personal training in January with the purchase of the month of February! Additionally, the training membership will be discounted from $250.00 per month to $200.00 per month. The monthly package includes an initial evaluation and unlimited training sessions in which personalized workouts are prepared for you each time you come in. All you have to do is show up! Supplemental training can help you become a better skater and minimize the risk of injury. Please check out the attached flier and contact Abbie Clayton via the website contact form if you have any questions.


January Club Ice Available

January Club Ice is available for purchase starting December 27, via our online membership system.

Holiday Exhibition Sunday, December 12, at 2:15 PM

Holiday exhibition poster

December Club Ice available for purchase

November ice will be available for purchase starting November 27 on EntryEeze.


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